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Botox Glow
Glass Skin Facial


Skin Botox, also referred to as Meso Botox is essentially the answer to flawless looking skin instantly. 

Just like Botox, it's formulated with Botulinum toxin. However, unlike its more traditional use which is to combat wrinkles by being injected into the muscles, Skin Botox is actually injected into the outer layer of the skin to target pores for a plumped up lifted look.


Skin Botox is amazingly effective in reducing fine lines as opposed to deep wrinkles. It will also improve skin elasticity and texture, and will reduce overactive oil production that is the main cause of adult acne. Overall, people who have tried the procedure have noted a lifting effect, and more taut and youthful-looking skin. only 1 treatment is needed to achieve these results and will last even longer than your normal botox injection. Skin Botox on average last 4-6 months. Treatment takes 30-40 min and can be done on your face, neck, and chest. 

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