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Body Contouring has always been passion of mine. I was the first to offer cavitation in the entire state of AZ back in 2012. I have been practicing the art of body contouring for the last 12 years and I am excited to teach techniques I've learned over the years to ladies who are looking to get started on their own new career, and to ladies who are already in business and interested in advancing their current skills to have even more amazing results on all their clients.  Learn new ways to expel fat faster, new drainage techniques, best pairing of treatments. What machines actually work and what frequency to treat with.  Don't fall for gimmicks and don't waste money on useless machines because they are out there. Just added to the second day of class is the art of Yeso Therapy body casting. Learn the steps and science behind how it works and have the opportunity to do on a model.  Adding this to your list of services will easily generate an additional $2500-$4000 a month with very low cost to start. you will be supplied with enough supplies to get started on your way to being the best technician there is once you finish the masterclass of true body contouring and fat reduction.

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