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BioRepeel cl3 FND

Anti Aging Backed By Proven Results...


Introducing a cutting-edge treatment peel designed to dissolve cell bonds and delicately remove the outermost layer of your skin, revealing a radiant, smooth complexion beneath. As it exfoliates the skin's surface, it also kickstarts the production of collagen and elastin. This remarkable peel is a TCA 35% chemical peel, delivering:

  1. BIOstimulation: Amplifying fibroblasts for visibly improved texture and instant results.

  2. Revitalization: Promoting the formation of healthy skin.

  3. PEELing: Renewing and rejuvenating your skin.

To achieve these outstanding benefits, our peel boasts a unique blend of potent ingredients:

  • TCA 35%: Enhancing skin texture while diminishing scars and pigmentation.

  • Salicylic acid: Unclogging pores and regulating excess oil.

  • Tartaric acid: Brightening your skin's appearance.

  • Lactobionic acid: Encouraging better intercellular metabolism.

  • Vitamin C: Offering antioxidant effects and strengthening capillaries.

  • Amino acids & Vitamin B2: Revitalizing and stimulating the formation of new, resilient cells, free from stress, damage, and exhaustion.

This expertly crafted combination of vitamins and amino acids promotes the growth of fresh, healthy skin. It also helps counteract UV damage, fade scarring, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and signs of aging.

Beyond its anti-aging and rejuvenating effects, this peel is exceptionally well-suited for problematic and acne-prone skin. Its innovative formula can unclog even the most stubborn pores and eliminate deep-seated blackheads, which regular facial treatments might not reach. Moreover, the antibacterial properties of BioRePeel aid in managing acne and related complications.

We adore this peel for its remarkable immediate results, safety profile, and minimal downtime. Experience a transformative skincare journey with our BioRePeel treatment.


This peel is suitable for all skin types, colors and ages.
It is excellent for those with acne prone, congested skin and skin with pigmentation and scarring (old or new).
It is great to prevent aging as it contains essential amino acids and vitamins that every skin requires.
It is just as well beneficial for the young skin during acute stages of acne, blackheads, with recent scarring.
Due to its extremely short, to no downtime, it is a miracle treatment for those with busy schedules and frequent social commitments.


  • Smaller pores

  • Tighter skin

  • Brighter complexity and lighter pigmentation

  • Even-toned and rejuvenated skin

3-6 treatments spaced every 5-7 days are recommended for the best results.

Cost: $375

Save $300 when you purchase a series of 4 $1100 for face $1400 Face and neck


As an add on to Jet Plasma $199

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